Our Services

Feasibility & financial studies

Feasibility & financial studies

We provide investors with feasibility & financial studies which can be extended to local, regional and national financial planning of their projects. Studies includes social and financial aspects and outlines special financial planning for each investment projects.
Our financial services in the past 15 years mainly included following areas:
  -Market, marketing, product demand and viable services studies for proposed investment projects .
  -Providing and developing feasible financial plan for proposed investment projects.
  -Studies for Determining economic influence domain and assessment of social impact of proposed investment projects.
  -Providing and developing financial plan for product and services based on existing and potential market demand of proposed investment.

Engineering & technical studies

    Engineering & technical studies

Depending on nature of investment plans and its products or services, area of studies differs. Our company covers different disciplines including mechanical(machinery & equipment),architecture & civil engineering,utilities, power & communication and etc. .
Our engineering & technical studies in the past 15 years mainly included following areas:
  - Port & marine structures and port construction. port equipment and utilities, loading and unloading equipment.
  - Equipment & utilities of oil & grain terminals.
  - Production line, machinery,equipment and utilities of industrial factories.
 - Site planning,surveying and layout. Defining location.

Dynamic Modeling System

Dynamic modeling System

In some cases investment plans due to unpredictable situations need to be evaluated by dynamic systems.This kind of analysis gives more clear view to investors in different probable situations.
We can offer dynamic modeling system services as follow:
  - Modeling of economical and social aspect of projects.
  - Modeling of financial aspect of projects by using Ithink and Vensim software .
We have planned and deployed dynamic modeling system for supporting land appraisal of ports.

Financial assessment and funds resources studies for investment plans

    Financial assessment and funds resources studies for investment plans

In this service beside financial assessment of projects, different ways of fund rising is evaluated and best scheme is recommended.
Our financial assessment and funds resource studies in the past 15 years mainly included following areas:
  - Funds resource studies of project by evaluating probable and potential resources.
  - Planning of financial model for construction, development and operation period .
  - preparing financial resources injection plan for optimum progress of work.
 - Providing consulting services for loan applications from agent banks and National development fund.
 - Project management for licence of establishment, construction, fund rising and operation period of investment projects.